Le Pin National Stud Farm

New International Equestrian Sports Centre

Right in the middle of one of the most beautiful breeding grounds in the world, the Haras National du Pin has laid a new stone in its long history by inaugurating a brand new International Equestrian Sports Centre with 4 large ebb-and-flow riding arenas, 300 boxes and a public reception building.

The project was developed in close collaboration with the Inspecteur des Sites and the ABF, in a particularly protected environment. In addition to respecting the architectural perception of the site, the overall design had to be consistent with the life of the site. Particular attention was paid to water management: all the water used for the sports floors comes from a circular rainwater management system, regularly collected from the roofs of the stables and the drains of the quarries, to be stored successively in an underground reservoir and then in the pond below, a reservoir of biodiversity, renovated for the occasion. No water taken from the drinking water network, no deep natural reserves impacted, no superfluous energy consumed, but safe and reliable competitions!

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Haras National du Pin
Works costs
18 000 000 € HT
Eurovia / Vallois / Oxalys / Normandie Drainage