Vichy – SHF Competing rings

Historical horse place of the French Equestrian Society

The french equestrian society (SHF), historical owner of the place, wanted to give a new dimension to the Sichon equestrian centre.
Originally a grass area, the outdoor arena was no longer completely in agreement with what was expected at regional, national or international show jumping. That is why the outdoor arena received numerous changes. Therefore grass was replaced with fibered draining sand allowing to use the arena on a longer period in the year, without any climatic consequence on the competition process or regularity.
In 2020, the paddock was deeply renewed using the latest methods in order to reduce water consumption : fibered subirrigated sand.

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2018 & 2020
Communauté d'Agglomérations de Vichy
Works costs
517 000 € HT
Equiplus / Arrosage Concept / Tecrail