Maisons Laffitte – France Galop’s training center

Renewing of sands tracks and polytracks

To ensure the future of the Maisons Laffitte training center, where so many galloping champions have been trained, the main tracks used daily have been recalibrated to streamline maintenance and renovated so that local trainers have the best working tools.
The Jacques Laffitte canter track (“black” track, 2 000 m uphill with a single bend) and the Poniatowski tracks (rounds, about 1200 m) saw their drainages refurbished, their widths reduced to 5 m and their sands changed.
The Fromainville fiber-sand track has undergone a total renovation, from its drainage to its oiled fiber-reinforced complex.

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France Galop
Works costs
1 380 000 € H.T.
Normandie Drainage / Tecrail / Martin Collins