Compiègne – Grand Parc

Redevelopment of the equestrian stadium

A few kilometers from Paris, host of the 2024 Olympic Games, the equestrian structures of the City of Compiègne have been selected to welcome foreign teams for a necessary acclimatization. The equestrian stadium, which had a main grass surface, with extensive use, did not allow the desired conditions. The lawn has therefore given way to fibered sand irrigated thanks to reversible drainage.

Thus completed, the facilities allow the regular organization of competitions for every levels.

The public who appreciated the natural elegance of the place now travels in large numbers to enjoy the new planted paths and the orangery installed overhanging the arenas on a superb terrace, designed by Benoît DUMOUCHEL of the Atelier ZENOBIA.

Ville de Compiègne
Works costs
980 000 € HT
Concept Sol / Equiplus / Idverde / CCA Perrot