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Complete refurbishment of the daily work track

New french drainage, new materials : tracks is ready for the heavy rains of the winter !

To ensure the future of the Maisons Laffitte training center, where so many galloping champions have been trained, the main tracks used daily have been recalibrated to streamline maintenance and renovated so that local trainers have the best working tools.
The Jacques Laffitte canter track (“black” track, 2 000 m uphill with a single bend) and the Poniatowski tracks (rounds, about 1200 m) saw their drainages refurbished, their widths reduced to 5 m and their sands changed.
The Fromainville fiber-sand track has undergone a total renovation, from its drainage to its oiled fiber-reinforced complex.

Complete restauration of the overall geometry of the galloping track, creation of a drainage system for rainwater and other existing equipment optimization.

Reconstruction of the racecourse complex
Creation of a new sand trotting track inside the existing galloping track.

Creation of a new sand track in the middle of the racecourse

Renovation of the sand training track.

Enlargement of the radius of each turn, entailing a global new drawing of the track in a natural site where the neighboring river overflow every year (protected wet zone).

Redevelopment of the racecourse complex
Improvement and widening of the trotting track at this racecourse complex located within a Natura 2000 protected natural site (former marshland; maintained wet zone).

In partnership with the other two project managers selected by the two clients for the complete refurbishment of the racecourse complex, performance of all the prior studies required to obtain “water act” permits, participation in the general organisation of the ground plan, incorporating all the constraints expressed, and monitoring of the work within the particularly demanding environment represented by this former salt marsh.

Redefinition of the existing track to bring it into line with current practices: modification of profiles, change in soil structure, creation of a drainage system and creation of a track for stewards’ vehicles. Work carried out while maintaining the existing race calendar.

Complete renovation of the finishing line with revision of the general profile and partial renovation of the working surfaces of the remaining tracks at the Vincennes racecourse.

Surface area: 80,000 m².

Duration: 2 months.

Creation of an oil-bonded sand and fibre training track for working flat horses during the winter and to get them used to new surfaces used in racing.

Complete renovation of the trotting track at the Challans racecourse.

Re-working of the profile of the racecourse trotting track: new bend design (banked from 2% to 8%), adaptation of start areas.

Track design remit with architects Anthony BECHU – Tom SHEEHAN for the creation of a new racecourse in the Moscow suburbs.

The specifications consist of a sand and fibre track (a ring and 1,200-m straight), a grass track (a ring and a 1,200-m straight) and an indoor trotting track

Modification of the racecourse trotting track: widening of the bends, modification of banking and start area safety improvements. The project was drawn up in consultation with the City of Nantes Sports Department, which has land in the middle of the track.

Upgrading and widening of the racecourse trotting track: complete overhaul of the drainage system, safety improvements on the approaches and creation of a new structure.

Creation of a relatively deep sand training track to work steeple-chase horses: 2000 m, around / 9300 m².
Adaptation to the existing foundations without compromising the operation of the neighbouring tracks, adaptation at lowest possible cost and identification of solutions for training track safety (horses and riders)